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Easy Vegan Sandwich Spread

Easy Does It

Summertime is a incredibly busy season on our little farm. Bottle feeding goats, weeding, watering, insect control, harvesting, canning, drying, freezing, trapping predators, coop construction, fencing, mowing… The work is seemingly endless and there’s always something that is left undone. There’s not a lot of extra time for meal planning on these full summer days. Keeping meals simple and easy is an absolute must. We love eating fresh produce from the garden and tomato sandwiches are a staple. Unfortunately, our tomatoes lost a battle with blight and beetles this year. As a result, the tomato sandwiches have been few and far between. This easy vegan sandwich spread is a great way to keep the simple meals coming and get you back to all the things on your to do list.

Less Is More

When it comes to recipes, the fewer the ingredients, the more excited I get. This tofu-based vegan sandwich spread scores high on the simplicity scale. It’s remarkable how many ingredients go into a processed, pre-made meal from the grocery store. When you’re a super busy homesteader, homeschooler, or homemaker, or all three, having quick and easy meals on hand is an absolute must. It’s super convenient to grab things from the frozen section that can popped in the microwave or oven, and viola, a meal! We all need an emergency freezer meal from time to time, and that’s totally fine! But, if you’re looking for a simpler way to feed the family in a pinch, give this vegan sandwich spread a try.

A Place to Put the Pickles

We had a bumper crop of cucumbers this year. We also have a nice stash of pickles in the pantry. They’re such a hit with the whole family that we’ll probably eat through them before next years cukes are on the vines. If you have a plethora of pickles in your pantry as well, this recipe is a great landing spot for them. So is this potato salad, if you’re looking for more ideas.

Some Facts About Salt

Not all salts are created equal. There’s table salt, iodized salt, pickling salt, sea salt, celtic salt, pink salt, and probably a bunch of others that I don’t even know about. For a few years now I’ve been using Redmonds Real Salt. There are a few things I really like about it. First, it’s mined and packaged in the USA. I like the things I eat to have a short journey from the source to my kitchen. Next, I like that it’s rich in minerals that help to balance the body’s ph and electrolytes. Finally, I like that it doesn’t have added iodine or anti-caking ingredients found in table salt, which means I can use this to make my pickles too!

Easy Vegan Sandwich Spread


  • 1 14 oz pkg Firm or Extra Firm Tofu Well Drained
  • ½ c Vegenaise
  • ½ tsp Real Salt
  • ½ c Dill Pickles Chopped
  • ¼ tsp Garlic Powder
  • ¼ tsp Onion Powder


  • Place all ingredients a large mixing bowl, mix together with a fork until combined.